Chacalimu Enterprises is not only limited to a myopic line of supplies but also licensed to transact business in General Supplies and Procurement of other Hospital Medical Equipments, Orthopedic Implants and Instruments, Renal Items, Surgical Dressings, X-Ray Accessories, Laboratories and Clinical Diagnostic Materials, hence the deliveries will be arranged as soon as we receive your order either by Telephone, Email, Fax or receive of your L.P.O. Deliveries are done immediately and we deliver at your door step in time without any delay

After Sales Service

After purchase of our equipment, we ensure that we train our client’s staff and the user,s of the equipment so that they will be properly equipped on how to handle and use the equipment as required.

Chacalimu Enterprise ensure that all the spare parts and re-usable accessories are always in stock to our clients in case of any emergency we can adhere too.

We also give back-up services where our technical team will visit the clients in a monthly quarterly basis to service the machines and also to address some problems which our clients are undergoing using our machines.